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IHS is the premier provider of global market, industry and technical information, analysis and expertise across virtually every level of any operation and enterprise.

The IHS Standards Store is your source for over one million engineering specifications, standards, manuals and publications from every major publisher around the world.
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  API Deepwater Dilling
ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code AWS Standards API Standard 1104, 21st Edition IHS Petrochemical Standards Collection
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ASME Process & Power Piping Process and Power Piping

The 2012 edition of ASME B31.1 : Power Piping is now available. Order yours today!

The 2012 edition of ASME B31.3 : Process Piping is now available. Order yours today!

Save 10% when you buy the set!

Check out these other popular ASME piping standards and compilations available from IHS.
CSA Standards CSA Z662 : Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems
The CSA Z662 Package of Standards consists of Z662-07, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems and Z662.1-07, Commentary on CSA Z662-07, Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems. It covers the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of oil and gas industry pipeline systems that convey liquid hydrocarbons,oilfield water/steam, carbon dioxide used in oilfield enhanced recovery schemes, or gas.
Order the CSA Z662 Package of Standards today!
ASTM Standards ASTM Petroleum Products, Lubricants and Fossil Fuels
The six volumes of Section 5 of the ASTM Book of Standards include specifications and test methods for fuels, oils, lubricants, and solvents. They feature standards for the development and use of alternative diesel fuels and diesel fuel blend components, including biodiesel, one of the most successful new blend components.

These volumes also feature standard procedures for evaluating the properties of motor, diesel, automotive spark-ignition engine fuel, ethanol, aviation fuels, solvent hexane, and naphtha.

Click here to order any of the Section 5 volumes individually, or Order the complete Section 5.
Emerging Energy Resarch Emerging Energy Research Market Studies

A respected, widely-quoted, and experienced leader in renewable power research since 2003, IHS EER offers clients a unique, credible, and reliable perspective. More than 1,000 clients rely upon our Advisory Services and Market Studies for unbiased analysis, for opinions that avoid the hype, and for objectivity that only expertise and independence can offer.

IHS Emerging Energy Research market studies are produced by a talented and passionate team of energy research professionals with strong international, industry, analytical, and education credentials. These studies provide clients with a rich resource of market intelligence, market forecasts, competitive analysis, and strategy review in the Wind Power, Solar Power, Renewable Power and Clean Energy industries.

Emerging Energy Research Market Studies pricing and information

Prices subject to change without notice.
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