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AIA Membership AIA Membership
Regular membership in AIA has many benefits, including integration into the industry's top decision-making organization.
Associate membership within AIA is offered to small and medium-sized suppliers engaged in the production of aerospace systems.

IHS Online Subscriptions IHS Aviation/Aerospace Portal
Aerospace and aviation are the most highly regulated and data-intensive industries in the world.
The IHS Aviation/Aerospace Portal can help you effectively access, integrate and manage the information you need to meet your business goals.

AIA Periodicals AIA Periodicals
AIA's eUpdate and Executive Report have the industry news you have been looking for. Manage your AIA subscriptions

AIA/NAS Complete Set Get the Complete Set of AIA/NAS Standards
The NAS Set includes all current "Inactive for new design" NA, NAS, NASM and NAM standards, plus a full year of updates. Buy the NAS Set today!

AIA DailyLead AIA dailyLead
The AIA dailyLead is an e-briefing of news developed specifically for executives in the aerospace industry and delivered directly to a user's inbox. Summaries contain the latest news and information that aerospace professionals need to be more effective. Sign up Now!

Aero Webinars Aero Webinars
Aero Webinars feature industry experts on an array of timely and critical topics. Special topics include defense technology, cyber security, and technical publications. Discount price for AIA members

Aerospace Facts & Figures Aerospace Facts & Figures
Aerospace Facts & Figures contains the latest data on all aspects of the aerospace industry.
New PDF download available!