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IHS is the premier provider of global market, industry and technical information, analysis and expertise across virtually every level of any operation and enterprise.

The IHS Standards Store is your source for over one million engineering specifications, standards, manuals and publications from every major publisher around the world.
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Counterfeit Parts Don't Get Caught with Counterfeit Parts
The reality of counterfeit parts and electronic components is much bigger than the perception. Counterfeit parts are flooding the market, costing companies billions and putting everyone at risk. Protect yourself with these popular standards and guides:

- ASTM F1448 : Standard Guide for Selection of Security Technology for Protection Against Counterfeiting...
- IEC/TS 62668-1 : Process Management for Avionics: Counterfeit Prevention
- SAE Counterfeit Collection, Including SAE AS5553, AS6081, and the new SAE AS6171
- TECHAMERICA-TB-0003 : Counterfeit Parts and Materials Risk Mitigation
The 9000 Store Tools, Manuals and Training from the9000store
ISO 9001, SAE AS9100, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 180001
Get the Tools you need to achieve and maintain certification to a management system. These efficient and effective tools can help your organization prepare for certification by providing the documentation, checklists and training to help you Do-It-Yourself. Certification packages includes free quotes for registration services from up to three Certification Bodies to audit your management system.

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