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IEC 61000-6-6

1st Edition, April 2003

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) Part 6-6: Generic standards HEMP immunity for indoor equipment

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This part of IEC 61000 sets high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) immunity requirements for electrical and electronic equipment intended for use indoors. The indoor HEMP environment depends on the electromagnetic shielding quality of a facility and the level of protection against the conducted environment. This standard is intended for all facility types including residential, commercial, light industrial, hospitals, heavy industrial, power substations and power generation facilities. This standard includes indoor equipment intended to be connected to a low-voltage (1 kV or less) power network, to the telecom network and/or to external antennas.

Immunity test values are based on the 90 % severity levels in IEC 61000-4-25. All telecom lines are assumed to have gas-tube protectors at the point where they enter the building and insulation flashover on low-voltage lines are assumed at three times that of lightning. For signal ports connected to internal cables, severity test levels are based on cables that have a total length of 10 m and a procedure is provided for longer cables.

Large and small indoor equipment are covered by this part of IEC 61000. Small-sized equipment is defined in IEC 61000-4-25 as an object with cubical dimensions of less than 1 m × 1 m × 1 m. Examples of small-sized equipment are rack-mounted equipment and desktop personal computers (PCs). Large equipment includes an apparatus with cubical dimensions equal to or greater than 1 m × 1 m × 1 m.

No dedicated IEC product or product-family immunity standard for HEMP is currently published for indoor equipment. When a relevant dedicated product or product-family immunity standard is developed, it will take precedence over all aspects of this generic standard. It should be noted that the HEMP environment is a very low probability occurrence, and therefore it is not recommended that this generic standard be made mandatory except through agreements between facility owners and equipment manufacturers.

This part of IEC 61000 does not specify safety requirements for equipment, such as protection against shock, insulation coordination, and related dielectric tests. Nevertheless, the immunity tests described in this part of IEC 61000 involve hazardous voltages. High-voltage precautions are necessary to protect the health and safety of test personnel.