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NFPA 130

Errata , July 29, 2011

Standard for Fixed Guideway Transit and Passenger Rail Systems

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Description / Abstract:

This standard shall cover life safety from fire and fire protection requirements for underground, surface, and elevated fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems, including but not limited to stations, trainways, emergency ventilation systems, vehicles, emergency procedures, communications, control systems, and vehicle storage areas.

Fixed guideway transit and passenger rail stations shall pertain to stations accommodating only passengers and employees of the fixed guideway transit and passenger rail systems and incidental occupancies in the stations. This standard establishes minimum requirements for each of the identified subsystems.

This standard shall not cover requirements for the following:

(1) Conventional freight systems

(2) Buses and trolley coaches

(3) Circus trains

(4) Tourist, scenic, historic, or excursion operations

(5) Any other system of transportation not included in the definition of fixed guideway transit (see or passenger rail (see system (6)*Shelter stops

To the extent that a system, including those listed in 1.1.3(1) through 1.1.3(6), introduces hazards of a nature similar to those addressed herein, this standard shall be permitted to be used as a guide.

Purpose. The purpose of this standard shall be to establish minimum requirements that will provide a reasonable degree of safety from fire and its related hazards in fixed guideway transit and passenger rail system environments.