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Revision A, November 1995

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APCO Project 25 System and Standards Definition

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Description / Abstract:

Scope of The APCO Project 25 System and Standards Definition

The APCO Project 25 System and Standards Definition provides, in a general way, a definition and description of a APCO Project 25 system's architecture, interfaces and system elements. General expectations of the APCO Project 25 system and the organization of a family of APCO Project 25 standards and bulletins are included in this document. More detailed APCO Project 25 information is included in the individual APCO Project 25 standards and bulletins.

Scope of the family of APCO Project 25 Standards and Bulletins.

The APCO Project 25 family of standards and bulletins, together, define, describe, I and otherwise document APCO Project 25 system and equipment requirements necessary for system interoperability and compatibility. APCO Project 25 systems generally provide digital land mobile radio services for private radio communications systems and more specifically such services for local, state and national public safety organizations and agencies. These standards and bulletins provide for communications between and within various APCO Project 25 systems and system elements.

The family of standards and bulletins is applicable to land-mobile equipment licensed under National Telecommunications And Information Administration (NTIA), Federal Communications Commission (FCC), or Interagency Radio Advisory Committee (IRAC) rules and regulations. The family or specific standards and bulletins within the family, may be applicable in situations other than those noted above. Interested parties are encouraged to use the standards and bulletins as appropriate but are cautioned to carefully compare the standards and bulletins with the specific requirements of their application or equipment.