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Revision B, May 2014

Complete Document

CDMA Card Application Toolkit (CCAT)

Includes all amendments and changes through Addendum 1, May 2014

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Description / Abstract:

The present document defines the interface between the UICC and the Mobile Equipment (ME), and mandatory ME procedures, specifically for CDMA Card Application Toolkit (CCAT).

As stated in [1], the UICC refers to an ICC that supports a Network Access Application. All references to UICC in [1] shall be interpreted as a card holding a network access application, i.e. an R-UIM or CSIM, in this document.

The present document refers in its majority to [1], which describes the generic aspects of application toolkits within the UICC. CCAT is a set of commands and procedures for use during the network operation phase of CDMA, in addition to those defined in [13].

Specifying the interface is needed to ensure interoperability between a UICC and an ME independently of the respective manufacturers and operators.

The present document defines for CDMA technology:

- The commands;

- The application protocol;

- The mandatory requirements on the UICC and ME for each procedure.

CCAT will allow Service Providers to offer unique services to their subscribers by placing applications they have designed (or third party applications) on the UICC that would function on any particular manufacturer's ME that supports the Toolkit features.

These requirements are expressed as additions to current release of [1]. The composite CCAT specification is comprised of [1] and this ancillary document.

The present document does not specify any aspects related to the administrative management phase. Any internal technical realizations of either the UICC or the ME are only specified where these reflect over the interface. The present document does not specify any of the security algorithms, which may be used.

Within the context of the present document, the term "terminal" used in [1] refers to the Mobile Equipment (ME).

Within the context of the present document, the term "NAA" used in [1] refers to the CDMA Card Application Toolkit (CCAT).