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ATIS 0300091

2018 Edition, April 2018

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Structure for Global Serialization of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Network Infrastructure Equipment

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Description / Abstract:

This standard provides recommended options for globally unique serial identification for infrastructure equipment used in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) networks. It covers four options that can be used to ensure uniqueness in a serialization process within a company. The manufacturers, suppliers and related services companies are responsible for ensuring that their process results in serial numbers that are unique.

Intended applications include – but are not limited to – support of systems that automate the control of products during the processes of production, inventory, distribution, field service, and repair.

This standard does not replace the Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or the Mobile Equipment Identifier (MEID) which conform to the cellular radio telecommunications intersystem operations family of standards, TIA/EIA-41; advanced mobile phone service (AMPS), TIA/EIA-553, and subsequent revisions; narrowband analog mobile phone service (NAMPS), TIA/EIA-691, and subsequent revisions; code division multiple access (CDMA), TIA/EIA-95, TIA/EIA/IS- 2000, and subsequent revisions; and Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA), TIA/EIA-136.


The purpose of this standard is to provide a uniform method of creating the globally unique serial identification for the telecommunications industry by recommending the code structure for the unique serial identification used by manufacturers, suppliers, and related services companies to uniquely serialize products bearing the same manufacturer identification within a company.