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Revision A, June 2015

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Project 25 Recommended Compliance Assessment Tests-Transceiver Performance- Conventional Mode Subscriber

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Description / Abstract:

This Bulletin identifies the tests appropriate for consideration by the P25 Compliance Assessment Program Governance Board for Compliance Assessment testing in the area of Transceiver Performance of a Conventional mode Subscriber Unit. These tests were deemed appropriate by the industry and user members participating in the work of the Compliance Assessment Process and Procedures Task Group (CAPPTG). The CAPPTG includes TIA members and representatives of Federal, State and Local Public Safety agencies and organizations. This group, being familiar with the relevant published standards, available P25 equipment and test equipment and the general intentions of the P25 Compliance Assessment Program, reviewed all tests and performance recommendations described in references [1] and [2].

The P25 Compliance Assessment Program confirms that the equipment of different manufacturers will interoperate with respect to the P25 defined features, services and interfaces. P25 Compliance Assessment testing of the Common Air Interface is expected to eventually include;

• Performance Tests ensuring the Common Air Interface endpoints are legitimate P25 devices for Trunking mode operation, Conventional mode operation, or both.

• Conformance Tests ensuring the Common Air Interface endpoints exchange the proper messages under the proper circumstances for Trunking mode operation, Conventional mode operation, or both.

• Interoperability Tests ensuring that Common Air Interface endpoints from different manufacturers do functionally interoperate for Trunking mode operation, Conventional operation, or both.

In determining the tests appropriate for P25 Compliance Assessment Program testing in this area, the group considered whether tests in references [1] and [2] were important for achieving interoperability between equipment of different manufacturers versus tests important for product design and/or certification. In general, tests that were determined to be more oriented towards product design and/or certification (such as but not limited to FCC certification) were deemed unnecessary for inclusion in this list. The resulting list therefore represents tests that are most important for or most likely to impact interoperability between manufacturers building to the same set of published standard documents.