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2013 Edition, November 2013

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This document specifies requirements for the unique adaptations to the current IEEE 802.16-2009 standard to provide wireless data communications to mobile platforms on an airport surface.

AeroMACS is based on the existing IEEE 802.16-2009 WiMAX standard. Within the WiMAX Forum™, an Aviation Working Group (AWG) has been incorporated to adapt AeroMACS requirements into the WiMAX profile documents. This ensures that all stakeholders comprising test equipment vendors, integrated circuit manufacturers, as well as the aviation industry are capable of supporting the AeroMACS development.

As system profiles gradually include more features -- resulting in increased performance -- more complex parts of the standard may be chosen by the aviation community to be incorporated into new and more-advanced AeroMACS profiles. If so, some of the parameters provided in this document may have to be updated."

This document has investigated the use of WiMAX Forum™ Mobile System Profile: Release 1.0 Version 0.9 (WMF-T23-001-R010v09) against avionics needs. No technical obstacles - which would make it impossible to operate this particular profile for aviation – were found.

Further analysis of the AeroMACS features was performed in the context of the SESAR project P15.2.7 activities and the outcome of these activities has been injected in the finalization of the AeroMACS profile and related documents in RTCA and EUROCAE (e.g., the AeroMACS MOPS).

The joint RTCA and EUROCAE AeroMACS profile described in this document is based on the WIMAX document WiMAX Release 1 System Profile (WMF-T23-001 Release 010 v09).