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ATIS 0700022

2015 Edition, September 2015

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CMAS Supplemental Information Retrieval Interface Testing Specification

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Description / Abstract:

This Standard defines operational testing procedures for the Retrieval of Supplementary Information Retrieval procedure between the Commercial Mobile Service Provider (CMSP) Gateway and the Federal Alert Gateway and over the C-Interface.

The present Standard should be regarded as a supplement to the Joint ATIS/TIA Federal Alert Gateway to CMSP Gateway Interface Test Specification [Ref 2] and adds a test case for Spanish text message retrieval only.


The purpose of interface testing is to evaluate whether systems or components transmit data and control information correctly to each other.

Specifically, the present ATIS CMAS Supplemental Information Retrieval Interface Testing Specification defines a set of tests to verify the following minimal set of functionality during interface and regression testing: 
  • Ability to perform Spanish text message retrieval.