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CIE 222

2017 Edition, 2017

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Decision Scheme for Lighting Controls in Non-Residential Buildings

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Description / Abstract:

Within this document, energy efficiency, user acceptance and lighting quality are evaluated on a qualitative scale from ‘none’ to ‘very high’. The document will not result in a calculation method to assess energy consumption.

The aim of this Technical Report is to provide information about the effect of lighting controls and to promote the use of these controls to increase energy savings, user comfort and lighting quality in indoor applications. It is assumed that there are no technological or financial constraints. Developments in technology, ease of commissioning, user interfaces as well as costs are such that the currently perceived constraints will become less onerous in the near future.

This report focuses on energy savings for lighting only. Savings from an integral approach including other building services are not considered in this report. Research indicates that reducing the use of electrical lighting during the summer might have a beneficial effect on energy consumption for cooling, whereas additional required heating in winter seems to be minimal (e.g. Sullivan et al. 1992, Lee et al. 1997).