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ITU-T Y.4500.9

2018 Edition, March 2018

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oneM2M – HTTP protocol binding

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Description / Abstract:

This Recommendation specifies the protocol specific part of the communication protocol used by oneM2M compliant systems as RESTful HTTP binding.

The scope of this Recommendation is (not limited to as shown below):

• Binding oneM2M Protocol primitive types to HTTP method.

• Binding oneM2M response status codes (successful/unsuccessful) to HTTP response codes.

• Binding oneM2M RESTful resources to HTTP resources.

The Recommendation contains oneM2M Release 2 specification – oneM2M HTTP Protocol Binding V2.6.1 and is equivalent to standards of oneM2M partners including Association of Radio Industries and Businesses (ARIB), Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) [b-ATIS.oneM2M.TS009], China Communications Standards Association (CCSA) [b-CCSA M2MTS- 0009-V2.6.1], European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) [b-ETSI TS 118 109 V2.6.1], Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), Telecommunications Standards Development Society India (TSDSI) [b-TSDSI STD TS-0009], Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) [b-TTA MM-TS.0009] and Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) [b-TTC TS-M2M-0009].