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ITU-T Y.4500.10

2018 Edition, March 2018

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oneM2M – MQTT protocol binding

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Description / Abstract:

This Recommendation specifies the binding of Mca and Mcc primitives (message flows) on to the message queuing telemetry transport (MQTT) protocol. It specifies how:

1) a common services entity (CSE) or application entity (AE) connects to MQTT;

2) an Originator (CSE or AE) formulates a request as an MQTT message, and transmits it to its intended receiver;

3) a receiver listens for incoming requests;

4) hat receiver can formulate and transmit a response.

The Recommendation contains oneM2M Release 2 specification – oneM2M MQTT protocol binding V2.4.1 and is equivalent to standards of oneM2M partners including ARIB, ATIS [b-ATIS.oneM2M.TS0010V241], CCSA [b-CCSA M2M-TS-0010], ETSI [b-ETSI TS 118 110], TIA, TSDSI [b-TSDSI STD T1.oneM2M TS-0010-2.4.1], TTA [b-TTAT.MM-TS.0010] and TTC [b-TTC TS-M2M-0010].