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BICSI OSPDRM & TIA-862 (Complete Document)
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Save when you purchase this package that contains both the BICSI Outside Plant Design Reference Manual (OSPDRM)and TIA-862: Building Automation Systems Cabling.

BICSI Outside Plant Design Reference Manual (OSPDRM) - Known in its previous three editions as the Customer-Owned Outside Plant Design Reference Manual, the title has changed to reflect the merging of customer-owned and other information technology systems (ITS) infrastructure. The new OSPDRM is useful for anyone involved in the design or construction of OSP information technology systems, and remains the cornerstone of BICSI's OSP Designer credential.

The OSPDRM is unique. Its application of global best practices makes this a truly universal reference. A new chapter on legal considerations has been added to highlight potential issues and problems the OSP designer may encounter. In addition, content (including illustrations and charts) has been updated and reflowed to ensure timely and organized material. A chapter on special design considerations has also been added and will be extremely beneficial to those designers with limited experience overbuilding existing infrastructure. 

TIA-862: Building Automation Systems Cabling - specifies minimum requirements for building automation systems (BAS) cabling within a commercial building and between buildings in a campus environment. It specifies cabling requirements for cabling topology, architecture, design, and installation practices, test procedures and requirements for components that comprise the cabling system. The BAS cabling for commercial buildings specified by this Standard is intended to support a wide range of commercial building sites. Typically, this range includes sites with a geographical extent from 100 m2, up to 1 000 000 m2 of office space, and with a population of up to 50 000 individual users. Life and Safety codes take precedence over the requirements specified in this Standard.

This Standard applies to the BAS cabling systems of buildings for commercial enterprises.

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