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TIA J-STD-607 Revision A, October 1, 2002
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Superseded By: TIA-607
Commercial Building Grounding (Earthing) and Bonding Requirements for Telecommunications
Additional Comments: W/D S/S BY TIA-607-B
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This Standard specifies the requirements for a uniform telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure that shall be followed within commercial buildings where telecommunications equipment will be installed.

This Standard specifies a telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure and its interconnection to other building systems.

Figure 2.1-1 depicts the scope of the telecommunications grounding and bonding infrastructure for larger, multi-story commercial buildings with multiple telecommunications backbones. Figure 2.1-2 depicts a smaller commercial building where telecommunications spaces are combined. This Standard specifies the requirements for:

- A ground (earth) reference for telecommunications systems within the telecommunications entrance facility, the telecommunications room, and equipment room;

- Bonding of metallic pathways, cable shields, conductors, and hardware at telecommunications rooms, equipment rooms, and entrance facilities.

This Standard is intended to encourage planning, which should include grounding and bonding arrangements to accommodate telecommunications equipment installation.

While primarily intended to provide direction for design of new commercial buildings, this Standard may be used as a guide for the renovation or retrofit of existing buildings.

Design requirements and choices are described to enable the designer to make informed design decisions.

Exclusions from this Standard

This Standard does not provide requirements for:

a) Specific grounding and bonding of any telecommunications equipment and associated wiring;

b) Values of surge current immunity and insulation withstand voltages;

c) Methods for verifying and maintaining grounding and bonding networks;

d) Specific methods for RFI/EMI mitigation for equipment or systems;

e) Primary protector/arrester specifications, applications and installation;

f) Secondary protector specifications and applications;

g) Specific user safety;

h) Grounding and bonding practices of the local telecommunications utilities;

i) Electrical service entrance;

j) Grounding of ac surge protection devices;

k) Buildings with more than one electrical service entrance.