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ATIS 0300333 2007 Edition, May 1, 2007
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Superseded By: ATIS 0600333
Grounding and Bonding of Telecommunications Equipment
Additional Comments: PRE-PUB * W/D S/S BY ATIS 0600333
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This standard is intended to define and describe the grounding and bonding topologies commonly used for the installation of network telecommunications equipment in central offices and similar type facilities. It addresses the requirements for grounding and bonding of network telecommunication equipment, the associated dc and ac power facilities, and the interfacing of co-located telecommunications systems.


Within its scope, the purpose of this standard is to:

Consolidate grounding and bonding information from other standards pertinent to telecommunications equipment installed in central offices and similar type facilities;

Define and promote the use of harmonized grounding and bonding terminology; and

Define baseline grounding and bonding requirements.