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ASME B31.11 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 02    Chg: REAF    Date: 00/00/08   Abbreviations Definitions
Superseded By: ASME B31.4
Additional Comments:W/D S/S BY ASME B31.4
Published By:ASME International (ASME)
Page Count:86
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Rules for this Code section have been developed considering the needs for applications, which include piping transporting aqueous slurries between plants and terminals and within terminals, pumping and regulating stations. This Code prescribes requirements for the design, materials, construction, assembly, inspection, testing, operation, and maintenance of piping transporting aqueous slurries of nonhazardous materials, such as coal, mineral ores, concentrates, and other solid materials.

Piping consists of pipe, flanges, bolting, gaskets, valves, relief devices, fittings, and the pressure containing parts of other piping components. It also includes hangers and supports, and other equipment items necessary to prevent overstressing the pressure containing parts. It does not include support structures such as frames of buildings, stanchions, or foundations, or any equipment such as defined in para. 1100.1.2(b).

Also included within the scope of this Code are

(a) primary and auxiliary slurry piping at storage facilities, pipeline terminals, pump stations, and pressure reducing stations, including piping up to the first valve of attached auxiliary water lines

(b) slurry piping, storage facilities, and other equipment located on property which has been set aside for the slurry transportation system

(c) those aspects of operation and maintenance of slurry transportation piping systems relating to the safety and protection of the general public, operating company personnel, environment, property, and the piping systems [see paras. 1100(c) and (d)].

This Code does not apply to:

(a) auxiliary piping, such as for water, air, steam, lubricating oil, gas, and fuel

(b) pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pumps, meters, and other such equipment including internal piping and connections for piping

(c) piping designed for internal pressures

(1) at or below 15 psig [103 kPa (gage)] regardless of temperature

(2) above 15 psig [103 kPa (gage)] if design temperature is below −20°F (−30°C) or above 250°F (120°C)

(d ) piping within the battery limits of slurry processing plants and other non-storage facilities

(e) the design and fabrication of proprietary items of equipment, apparatus, or instruments
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