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9985266 5th Edition, March 1, 2016
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Sealant Compound, Adhesive, Anaerobic, Grade 277
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Material Description. A red anaerobic, dimethylacrylate polyester resin base liquid compound that solidifies by polymerization (not by solvent evaporation) into a tough plastic when confined between closely fitted metal surfaces, producing an effective seal against leakage and high shear strength resistance to loosening. This material may be used on slightly oiled zinc plated, black oxide, and phosphate and oil coated parts and still obtain satisfactory properties.

Symbols. Not applicable.

Applicability. This material is intended for thread locking and sealing large diameter fasteners (up to 36 mm) and studs for fluid pressure resistance, or to prevent loosening under shock and vibration or a combination of both. Typical uses include motor and pump mounts and bearing cap bolts.

A high viscosity material obtaining full thread locking strength with bond line thicknesses to 0.08 mm and seal with gap thicknesses to 0.25 mm using the Table 1 Pin and Collar test. The material curing time may be substantially reduced with accelerators or heat.

Temperature Use Range of -55 °C to +150 °C. Low temperature performance is based on maintaining 50% or more of the original minimum prevailing and breakaway torque after 2 h exposure (measure in 30 s or less). The low temperature test is not required for this standard. The upper temperature limit is based on Table 3 aging requirement.

Remarks. The words must, shall or will as used in this document mean a mandatory requirement.

Application of the product outside its use category as defined by GMW16800, (Retaining and Sealing) is strictly prohibited.

Pre-applied thread form coatings have better uniform coverage and are ready to assemble for automotive production build (see GMW14657). Liquid products are mostly used for service repair.

Use of automated application dispensing system equipment designed for this product provides a measured uniform liquid coating. Contact the product manufacturer for equipment recommendations.

Finish Influence. Data in Table 1, Table 2 and Table 3 are based on standard test finishes listed in GMW16800. Production coatings and finishes are likely to provide different results.