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A-A-50693 Revision B, May 11, 1992
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The new commercial truck, aircraft cargo loading-unloading, wide body herein after called aircraft loader must be capable of loading and unloading cargo from the main deck cargo doors of B747, DC10, and KC10 aircraft, the lower-lobe cargo doors of the B747 and the front lower-lobe cargo door of the DC10 or any cargo door on the above listed aircraft that will accept 88" × 108" military 463L pallets. The intended use is for loading and unloading of cargo to and from the aircraft only, not for transportation of cargo.

2. SALIENT CHARACTERISTICS. Failure of the aircraft loader to meet the above and the following salient characteristics will require rejection of the offer. The loaders shall be free from faulty construction or any defect which affects appearance, serviceability, and durability. The loaders shall be representative of the quality and workmanship found in loaders offered for new commercial sale. Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this document should be addressed to WR-ALC/LZMD, with copy to WR ALC/LVKB Robins AFB, GA 31098-5609, by using the Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DD Form 1426) appearing at the end of this document or by letter.

A. Aircraft loaders shall have a capacity of at least 40,000 pounds.

B. Aircraft loaders shall be capable of lifting three 88" × 108" military 463L pallets from 20 inches to 216 inches. The pallets need not be lifted simultaneously, but the loader must accommodate the three pallets at the 216 inch elevation.

C. Aircraft loaders are self propelled, diesel engine powered capable of a ground speed of 4 mph (minimum) in forward and reverse with inching control for final positioning near the aircraft. Engine shall be of common industrial design.

D. Aircraft loaders shall be single operator capable in aircraft loading operations.

E. Aircraft loaders shall have cargo platform pallet transfer using electrical or hydraulic powered rollers, wheels, or retractable belts, Device shall move cargo forward and reverse at 60 feet per minute.

F. Aircraft loaders shall have the following capabilities:

a. Rear of main platform capable of accepting over the crest wheeled axle loads of 15,000 pounds minimum

b. Pallet side load capability from either side to be located on the rear portion of the platform.

c. Lift speed shall be offeror's standard.

G. Aircraft loaders shall feature power steering and dynamic braking or pneumatic braking.

H. Aircraft loaders must have aircraft interface feature to prevent separation of vehicle and aircraft during on/off loading driven vehicles. Any required adapters or interface devices for use in the lower lobe or main deck door shall be included at delivery of the loader.

I. Ladder to allow access to operator's station during operation. Station to be located at aircraft end of loader.

J. Mechanical, hydraulic, or electrically operated pallet stops on both ends of cargo platform to prevent accidental offloading of pallets.

K. Fuel tank capacity sufficient to support eight hours of continuous normal operation.

L. Emergency lowering system and roll away feature if engine power is lost.

M. All controls and switches shall be weatherproof and suitable for continuous outdoor use.

N. If the loader lift system uses hydraulic cylinders, integral check valves on all lift cylinders to protect against pressure loss related platform drops.

O. Loaders offered under this specification shall comply with applicable safety requirements imposed on vehicles of this type in the commercial market.

P. The Aircraft Loaders offered must be, as of the date of award, the latest model (with minor modifications, as that term is defined in DoD FAR Supplement 252.211-7012, Paragraph K-85 of the solicitation) of an established product previously produced and sold in substantial commercial quantities (exceeding the criteria at FAR 15,804-3(f)(2)(ii)(A) for at least three years. The vehicle furnished, or earlier models of it, absent minor modifications, shall have routinely been supported with spare/repair parts which were produced or sold in the normal course of business. At the time of delivery, the contractor shall furnish the Administrative Contracting Officer with verification of compliance with these requirements.