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A-A-52530 1995 Edition, October 10, 1995
Complete Document
Superseded By: ASTM D4814
Includes all amendments and changes through Cancellation Notice 2, May 3, 2016
Additional Comments: CNCL REFER TO ASTM D4814
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This CID covers requirements for a type of reformulated unleaded automotive gasoline containing ethyl alcohol (ethanol) as the oxygenate. Gasohol meets the oxygenate requirements for use in carbon monoxide nonattainment areas. Unleaded gasohol is intended for immediate use by all classes of spark ignition (SI) internal combustion automotive engines and all other equipment designed to operate on gasoline. It is not intended for static storage environments. It should not be stored for more than 60 days without replenishment because of possible auto-oxidation and water absorption which can result in fuel deterioration.

Unleaded gasohol shall be of three grades. The major differences between the grades are the antiknock index (AKI) levels. AKI levels may be reduced for altitude and weather as shown in ASTM D4814.
     Grade       AKI
     Limited     87
     Regular     89
     Premium     91

Beneficial comments, recommendations, additions, deletions, clarifications, etc. and any other data which may improve this document should be sent by letter to: U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command, ATTN: AMSTA-TR-E/BLUE, Warren, MI 48397-5000.

Unleaded gasohol shall be of six classes for each grade. The major differences between the classes are the volatility levels. Schedule of seasonal and geographical volatility classes and listing of ozone nonattainment areas are shown in ASTM D4814.
     Class     Condition of use
     AA        Ozone nonattainment areas
     A         Very hot
     B         Hot
     C         Warm
     D         Mild
     E         Cold