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A-A-877 Revision A, June 3, 1991
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The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this Commercial Item Description as a replacement for MIL-H-51152.

Salient characteristics.

Physical form. The herbicide shall be white free-flowing granules and shall be capable of being dispersed in water to a uniform and stable suspension.

Assay. The herbicide shall contain no less than 80 percent by weight of 3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1,1 -dimethylurea when assayed by the "Determination of Diuron (IN-14, 740) Reversed-Phase Liquid Chromatography (RPLC) Assay Method", Method No: K26.1292, Third Issue: 06/03/82.

MSDS. The Material Safety Data Sheet shall be prepared and submitted in accordance with FED-STD-313.

Registration and Labeling. The herbicide shall be registered with the Environmenmtal Protection Agency (EPA) and labeled in compliance with the Regulations for the Enforcement of the Federal Insecticide Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (40 CFR 162-180).

Certification. The contractor shall certify that the product offered meets the salient characteristics of this description and that the product conforms to the producer's own drawings, specifications, standards and quality assurance practices and is the same product offered for sale in the commercial marketplace. The Government reserves the right to require proof of such conformance prior to first delivery and thereafter as may be otherwise provided for under the provisions of the contract.

Packaging, packing and marking. The packaging and packing shall be in accordance with normal commercial practice and shall assure acceptance by common carrier and provide product protection against loss and damage during multiple shipments, handling, and storage. The shipping container shall be in compliance with the National Motor Freight Classification and Uniform Freight Classification. Marking shall be as specified in the contract or order.

Note: Diuron herbicide is used in the surface spraying of cropland and noncropland areas to control annual and perennial weeds and grass where selective weed control or bare ground is desired. It may be used for selective pre- or post-emergence control or susceptible weeds and grasses in specific cultivated crops. It may also be used for nonselective control of most weeds and grasses for extended periods of time around utility poles, pipelines rights-of-way, petroleum tank farms, storage areas, industrial sites, and farm buildings.