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ANSI Y10.11 1984 Edition, January 1, 1984
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Superseded By: IEEE 260.4
Letter Symbols and Abbreviations for Quantities Used in Acoustics
Additional Comments: SEE IEEE 260.4
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This American National Standard establishes a standard set of letter symbols for quantities used in the science and technology of acoustics. It also establishes standard abbreviations for a number of acoustical levels and related measures that are in common use. The field of acoustics embraces the science and technology of sound and ultrasound in air and other gases, in water and other liquids, and in solids, including mechanical vibration and shock. Acoustics also embraces music, speech, hearing, and other physiological and psychological aspects of the interaction of sound with man and with animals.

Letter symbols for piezoelectric constants and for piezomagnetic (magnetostrictive) constants are not included, for they are covered in other standards. (See paras. 3.1 and 3.2.)

Rules for correct usage of letter symbols are given in Section 5. These include methods of expressing logarithmic quantities, together with their units and reference quantities.