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API RP 13G 1991 Edition, January 1, 1991
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Recommended Practice Standard Procedure for Drilling Mud Report Form
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a. This recommended practice is under the jurisdiction of the API Committee on Standardization of Drilling Fluid Materials.

b. The purpose of this recommended practice is to provide standard format for the field reporting of drilling fluid properties. The information should be located in the indicated areas, but the design of each section is left to the user. The document is to be printed on 8½" × 14" paper, but is reduced here for the sake of printing. It is intended only as a guide.

c. This recommended practice section marked MUD PROPERTIES is organizedto follow the tests listed in API RP 13B-1, Standard Procedure for Field Testing Water-Based Drilling Fluids and API RP 13B-2, Standard Procedure for Testing Oil-Based Drilling Fluids.

d. Metric "SI" unit equivalents rather than U.S. customary units may be used in this document as required in the country of operation.

e. This recommended practice was first issued as API RP 47, First Edition, August 1969. It was developed by the Study Committee on Drilling Fluids of the American Petroleum Institute, Southern Division.

f. Additional publications under jurisdiction of this committee: Spec 13A, Specification for Drilling Fluid Materials, covers specifications and test procedures for barite, hematite, bentonite, nontreated benonite, OCMA bentonite, attapulgite, sepiolite, starch, technical-grade low viscosity CMC, and technical-grade high viscosity CMC.

RP 13B-1 Recommended Practice for Standard Procedure for Field Testing Water-Based Drilling Fluids.

RP 13B-2 Recommended Practice for Standard Procedure for Field Testing Oil-Based Drilling Fluids.

Bul 13C Bulletin on Drilling Fluids Processing Equipment.

Bul 13D Bulletin on the Rheology of Oil Well Drilling Fluids.

RP 13E Recommended Practice for Shale Shaker Screen Cloth Designation.

RP 13I Recommended Practice for Laboratory Testing of Drilling Fluids.

RP 13J Recommended Practice for Testing Heavy Brines.

RP 13K Recommended Practice for Chemical Analysis of Barite.