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DEF STAN 00-4 Revision I2, January 1, 1979
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Pallets, Packages, Containers, Unit Loads and Associated Materials Handling Equipment
Additional Comments: CNCL S/S BY STANAG 2828 AND 2829
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STANAGs 2828 and 2829 are carefully worded Agreements between the NATO countries. Broadly-speaking, two mechanical handling systems are involved; the differences being the size and loading capabilities of the general purpose pallets used. It is necessary for each NATO country to comply with the minimum requirements specified in the STANAGs in order to ensure that pallets, or any other means of constituting unit loads, and corresponding handling equipment used by the NATO Armed Forces are, as far as the Agreements permit, functionally interchangeable.  Although there is a considerable amount of compatibility between the two systems, complete functional interchangeability between them is not possible.

In the UK, work is in progress to produce Defence Standards which will contain specifications for pallets, fork lift trucks, mobile .cranes, etc. These Standards will implement various parts of STANAGs 2828 and 2829, supplementing the information given in the STANAG where necessary, In some cases, the requirements of the Standards will be more stringent than the minimum requirements of the relevant parts of the STANAG. Those parts of STANAGs 2828 or 2829 which are not being implemented by Defence Standards are to be implemented by means of Section 2 of this Standard (see clause 8).

This Section contains general guidance intended to clarify some of the statements made in the STANAGs and includes information relevant to the Defence Standards mentioned above.