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DEF STAN 58-6 Revision I1, September 27, 1991
Complete Document
EMC of Mobile Communications Installations
Includes all amendments and changes through Amendment 1, September 1991
Additional Comments: CNCL S/S BY DEF STAN 59-411: PART 4
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Section one of this Standard deals with the management and planning procedures required during installation development and production to ensure, that the EMC requirements defined in the remaining Sections of this Standard are properly addressed and implemented.

Section two of this Standard deals with requirements for the rf earth bonding of the installations specified in 2.1 below but may well have wider application.

Section three describes requirements for the radiation patterns of omni-directional antenna(s) mounted on the vehicle or container body. This Section covers some but not all the requirements of antennas used for ground-to-air communications.

Section four defines the requirements limiting the degradation of communications quality due to on-board sources of interference. It is applicable therefore, both to installations which only communicate when stationary as well as to those which may also be designed to communicate on the move.

Def Stan 59-41 has an installed antenna test, DRE03, for E-field radiation in the frequency band 1 MHz to 76 MHz. The test supplements but does not replace the requirement for the test described in section four of this Standard. 2


This Standard is applicable to transportable and mobile communication systems installed on vehicles or in container bodies, operating in the frequency band 1 MHz to 400 MHz and supporting point-to-point communication links over propagation paths which may be obstructed.

This Standard is applicable up to the "Installation Certificate of Design and Performance" stage of procurement. Parts of the Standard may also be appropriate to production and in-service testing.

The detailed application of this Standard to a specific project shall be determined by the MOD Project Manager.