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GM9620M Revision F, December 2004
Complete Document
Includes all amendments and changes through Inactive Notice , October 2015
Additional Comments: ENGLISH * INAC S/S BY GMW17434
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The specification covers the annual testing required to evaluate the effects of new pigments or pigmentation changes made in approved topcoat technologies. This specification covers all rigid and flexible colors which will be supplied to GM assembly plants or outside part sources.

Material Description. Technology identification by system 998XXXX; basecoat 998XXXX and clearcoat 998XXXX where applicable. Target bake temperatures (T) and target time at substrate temperature.

Color description: color name; GMXX color coding; WAXXXX; supplier code; and batch number used for testing.

Cross-Reference of Replaced Specifications.

Specifications Qualified to this Material Specification. Testing per this specification is initiated by a change in pigment type, a combination of pigments not previously used together, a change in the level of a of a pigment, or a change in pigment-to-binder ratio.

The intent of the testing is to ensure that all future GM colors, in previously approved topcoat technologies, will meet specified performance criteria as affected by pigmentation. This testing generally includes evaluation of colorfastness, chip resistance, repair capability, flexibility, and resistance to UV transmission.

Performance criteria is dictated by the Type and Class of topcoat tested. Topcoat classes and types are defined in GMW3005, Tables 2 and 3. Generally, all paints which apply to this specification will meet the requirements of a Class 1 or 2 topcoat.

All colors are to complete a full 5 years of outdoor (Florida) exposure. This specification, however, defines test procedures for colors to be released for production after 1 - 2 years exposure.

For Tinted Clearcoat colors, a minimum of 12 months outside (Florida) exposure prior to production is required for all tinted clearcoat colors from each supplier in all basecoat/clearcoat combinations proposed for production.

All colors in all basecoat technologies used for fascias must be evaluated on flexible substrates, even though an identical basecoat color is used for body paint technology.