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IEEE 1143 2012 Edition, December 5, 2012
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Guide on Shielding Practice for Low Voltage Cables
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This function of this guide on shielding practice for low voltage cables is to inform and familiarize the reader with shielding practice. Overviews of shielding practice, systems and test methods are provided. These tests may not be standardized; however, they are included to inform the reader and provide an overview as to what has been done to characterize shielding. This guide provides the following: a review of shielding techniques to control electrostatic and electromagnetic interference for varying types of low voltage cable used for power, control and instrumentation services, including signal and communications cable; an overview of the functional characteristics of various types of shielding; suggested tests or techniques for measuring shielding effectiveness; recommendations on shielding practices, including suggestions on terminating and grounding methods.


The main purpose of this guide is to show how shielding can minimize the effects of electrostatic and electromagnetic interference. A secondary purpose is to provide recommendations on shielding practice for various applications including suggestions on terminating and grounding methods.