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IEEE C37.111 2013 Edition, April 1, 2013
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Measuring relays and protection equipment – Part 24: Common format for transient data exchange (COMTRADE) for power systems
Additional Comments: SAME AS IEC 60255-24
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This International Standard defines a format for files containing transient waveform and event data collected from power systems or power system models. The format is intended to provide an easily interpretable form for use in exchanging data. The standard is for files stored on currently used physical media such as portable external hard drives, USB drives, flash drives, CD, and DVD. It is not a standard for transferring data files over communication networks.

This standard defines a common format for the data files and exchange medium needed for the interchange of various types of fault, test, and simulation data. The rapid evolution and implementation of digital devices for fault and transient data recording and testing in the electric utility industry have generated the need for a standard format for the exchange of time sequence data. These data are being used with various devices to enhance and automate the analysis, testing, evaluation, and simulation of power systems and related protection schemes during fault and disturbance conditions. Since each source of data may use a different proprietary format, a common data format is necessary to facilitate the exchange of such data between applications. This will facilitate the use of proprietary data in diverse applications and allow users of one proprietary system to use digital data from other systems.