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ISO 1538 1st Edition, October 15, 1984
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Programming languages - ALGOL 60
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Scope and field of application

This International Standard defines the algorithmic programming language ALGOL 60. Its purpose is to facilitate interchange and promote portability of ALGOL 60 programs between data processing systems.

ALGOL 60 is intended for expressing a large class of numerical processes in a form sufficiently concise for direct automatic translation into the language of programmed automatic computers.

This International Standard specifies:

a) the syntax and semantics of ALGOL 60;

b) characteristics of programs written in ALGOL 60, and of implementations of that language, required for conformance to this International Standard.

This International Standard does not specify:

a) left undefined or said to be undefined; results of processes or other issues, that are, explicitly,

b) questions of hardware representation (these may be the subject of another International Standard), or of implementation;

c) the way non-valid programs are to be rejected, and how this will be reported;

d) requirements and rules for executing programs on an actual data processing system.