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ISO/IEC ISP 11182-1 1st Edition, November 1, 1993
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Information Technology - International Standardized Profile FOD36 - Open Document Format: Extended Document Structure - Character, Raster Graphics and Geometric Graphics Content Architectures - Part 1: Document Application Profile (DAP)
Includes all amendments and changes through Technical Corrigendum 1, April 15, 1998
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This International Standardized Profile specifies interchange formats for the transfer of structured documents between equipment designed for word or document processing. Such documents may contain character, raster graphics and geometric graphics content.

The documents that can be interchanged using this International Standardized Profile range from simple documents to highly structured technical reports, articles and typeset documents such as brochures. This International Standardized Profile provides a comprehensive level of features for the transfer of documents between these systems.

This International Standardized Profile allows documents to be interchanged in the following forms:

- formatted form;

- processable form;

- formatted processable form.

The architecture levels defined for these three forms have matching functionalities so that the interchange formats of a document are convertible from a processable form to any other form.

This International Standardized Profile is independent of the processes carried out in an end system to create, edit or reproduce documents. It is also independent of the means to transfer documents which, for example, may be by means of communication links or storage media.

A document structured in accordance with this International Standardized Profile is represented for interchange by one of two document application profiles. One document application profile uses the Office Document Interchange Format (ODIF), the other document application profile uses the Office Document Language (ODL), both as defined in CCITT Rec. T.415 I ISO 8613-5.

When this document refers to this International Standardized Profile, it is referring to either of the document application profiles defined by this International Standardized Profile.