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MIL-A-81296 Revision D, July 22, 1985
Complete Document
Not Active, See comments below
Includes all amendments and changes through Interim Notice 1, August 30, 1999
Additional Comments: INACTIVE FOR NEW DESIGN AFTER 08/30/99
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This specification establishes the design, performance, and acceptance requirements for the AN/APN 171(V) electronic altimeter set, herein referred to as the equipment. The equipment covered by this specification shall provide an accurate indication of absolute altitude of an aircraft over land and water.

The equipment covered by this specification consists of the following items:
         Item                        Type Designation
         ----                       -------------------
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-804B/APN-171(V)
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-805/APN-171(V)
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-806A/APN-171(V)
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-829A/APN-171(V)
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-1006/APN-171(V)
Receiver-Transmitter, Radar          RT-1062A/APN-171(V)
Indicator, Height                    ID-1345/APN-171(V)
Indicator, Height                    ID-1346/APN-171(V)
Indicator, Height                    ID-1725/APN-171(V)
Antenna                              AS-1858/APN-171(V)
Mounting                             MT-4167/APN-171(V)

Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this document, should be addressed to: Commanding Officer, Naval Air Engineering Center, Systems Engineering and Standardization Department (SESD) Code 93, Lakehurst, NJ 08733, by using the self-addressed Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DD Form 1426) appearing at the end of this document or by letter.

The equipment should operate with the associated equipment listed in 6.8.