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MIL-C-17587 Revision B, April 18, 1983
Complete Document
Superseded By: MIL-DTL-17587
Includes all amendments and changes through Amendment 4, August 2, 1994
Additional Comments: RENUMBERED AS MIL-DTL-17587
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This specification covers low voltage, electric power, air circuit breakers with open frame and removable construction, and their attachments, for shipboard use.

Circuit breakers shall be of the following types, as specified (see table I, 6.2.1 and 6.6).
     ACB-900RC            ACB-2000HRC         ACB-3200HR
     ACB-901R             ACB-2000RC          ACB-4000HR
     ACB-902R             ACB-2002HRC         ACB-4001R
     ACB-1600HRC          ACB-2601R           ACB-6400HR

Designation "C" is optional where shown.

Circuit breaker type designations are as follows:
     ACB   -   Denotes an open frame air circuit breaker.
     XXXX  -   Three or four digit number which denotes the rated continuous 
               current of the specific circuit breaker type.  When the 
               last number of the circuit breaker type is even (0, 2, 4, 
               6, 8) the application is for alternating current (a.c.) and 
               when the last number is odd (1, 3, 5, 7, 9) the application 
               is for direct current (d.c.).  The final number is used to 
               show a change in physical or electrical design of the same 
               current rating.

Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this document should be addressed to: Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command, SEA 55Z3, Department of the Navy, Washington, DC 20362 by using the self-addressed Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DD Form 1426) appearing at the end of this document or by letter.
    C -  This suffix when used, indicates that the circuit breaker is
          designed for duty as a motor starter and has 3 overcurrent 
          (OC) coils.
    H -  This suffix indicates that the circuit breaker has a rated 
          a.c. short-circuit current greater than 50,000 amperes (A).
    R -  This suffix indicates that the circuit breaker is a drawout-
          mounted device, consisting of a removable component and a 
          stationary component.  The stationary component is mounted in
          an enclosure and the removable component can be withdrawn 
          from the enclosure and stationary component for maintenance