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MIL-C-87164 1982 Edition, November 22, 1982
Complete Document
Superseded By: MIL-PRF-87164
Includes all amendments and changes through Supplement 1, Amendment 3, September 7, 1989
Additional Comments: CNCL S/S BY MIL-PRF-87164
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This specification covers the general requirements for high reliability, mica dielectric, fixed capacitors for space, missile, and other high reliability applications. Capacitors covered by this specification may be used in critical applications where the utmost in stability and dependability is required and where variations in capacitance with respect to temperature, voltage, frequency, and life cannot be tolerated (see 6.1). An acceleration factor of 25:1 has been used to relate life test data obtained at 150 percent of rated voltage at rated temperature to rated voltage at rated temperature.

The capacitors specified herein (see 3.1) shall be identified by a military part number which shall consist of the basic number of the military specification sheet followed by a series of coded characters. Each military specification sheet covers a different capacitor style. The coded number shall provide information concerning the capacitors characteristic, working voltage, capacitance value, and capacitance tolerance. The military part number shall be in the following form as indicated: CHART

The modification letter is used to indicate the latest characteristic of the part in the specification sheet. This letter shall be changed under direction of the preparing activity.

The characteristic is identified by a single letter which indicates the relative stability of the capacitor with temperature change, in accordance with table I. TABLE I. Characteristic.
Symbol     Temperature Coefficient     Capacitance drift            

  C          Parts/million/°C    ±(0.5 percent +0.1 pF)       
  E            −200 to +200          ±(0.1 percent +0.1 pF)       
  F             −20 to +100          ±(0.05 percent +0.1 pF)     
                  0 to +70                                                 

Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this document should be addressed to: SD/ALM, P.O. Box 92960, Worldway Postal Center, Los Angeles, CA 90009, by using the self addressed Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DD Form 1426) appearing at the end of this document or by letter.

The rated voltage for continuous operation at +125°C is identified by a single letter as shown in table II. TABLE II. Rated voltage.
Symbol     Rated voltage     

             Volts, dc 
  A             100         
  C             300         
  D             500         

The nominal capacitance value, expressed in picofarads (pF) is identified by a three-digit number; the first two digits represent significant figures and the last digit specifies the number of zeros to follow. When the nominal value is less than 10 pF,the letter "R" shall be used to indicate the decimal point and the succeeding digit shall represent a significant figure. For example, 1RO indicates 1.0 pF.

The capacitance tolerance is identified by a single letter in accordance with table III. TABLE III. Capacitance tolerance.
Symbol     Capacitance tolerance     

  D              0.5 pF
  F              1 percent                 
  G              2 percent                 
  J              3 percent