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MIL-E-1 Revision K, December 30, 1994
Complete Document
Superseded By: MIL-PRF-1
Includes all amendments and changes through Amendment 1, March 3, 1995
Additional Comments: RENUMBERED AS MIL-PRF-1
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This specification covers the general requirements and ratings for electron tubes used by the military departments.

This specification is applicable to electron tubes classified in, but not limited to, the categories listed below. The main category into which each tube is classified shall be indicated in the title of the tube specification sheet (TSS). The subcategory shall be included as the initial item under the description heading: For example, ELECTRON TUBE, KLYSTRON - - - DESCRIPTION: Reflex oscillator.
      1.  Beam Switching                                    10.  Graphic Indicator
                                                                   a.  Numerical Indicator
      2.  Cathode Ray
            a.  Electrostatic or Magnetic Focus             11.  Gyrotron
            b.  Electrostatic or Magnetic Deflection
            c.  Multigun (specify number of guns)           12.  Ignitron

      3.  Cathode-Ray Charge Storage                        13.  Image Converter
            a.  Visual Output (direct view)
            b.  Electrical Output                           14.  Image Orthicon

      4.  Cold  Cathode                                     15.  Klystron
            a.  Triode                                             a.  Reflex Oscillator
            b.  Rectifier                                          b.  Amplifier
                                                                   c.  Pulse
      5.  Corona Voltage Regulators                                d.  Continuous Wave (CW)

      6.  Cross Field Amplifier                             16.  Magnetron
                                                                   a.  Pulse
      7.  Electron Multiplier                                      b.  Coaxial
                                                                   c.  Continuous Wave (CW)
                                                                   d.  Voltage Tunable
      8.  Electron Ray Indicator
                                                            17.  M-Type Backward Wave
      9.  Gas-Switching
            a.  ATR (antitransmit-receive)                  18.  Negative Grid (microwave)
            b.  Dual-TR (transmit-receive)
            c.  Pre-TR
            d.  TR

Beneficial comments (recommendations, additions, deletions) and any pertinent data which may be of use in improving this document should be addressed to: Defense Electronics Supply Center, ATTN: DESC-ELD, 1507 Wilmington Pike, Dayton, OH 45444-5765, by using the Standardization Document Improvement Proposal (DD Form 1426) appearing at the end of this document or by letter.

      19.  Noise Source                                     24.  Radiation Counter
             a.  Vacuum  Diode                                     a.  Geiger Mueller
             b.  Gas Discharge
                                                            25.  Receiving
      20.  O-Type Backward Wave                                    a.  Diode
                                                                   b.  Triode
      21.  Phototube                                               c.  Tetrode
             a.  Gas                                               d.  Pentode
             b.  Infrared                                          e.  Rectifier
             c.  Multiplier                                        f.  Power

      22.  Power or Transmitting                            26.  Stabilotron
             a.  Diode
             b.  Triode                                     27.  Thyratron
             c.  Tetrode
             d.  Pentode                                    28.  Traveling Wave (or forward wave)
             e.  Rectifier
                                                            29.  Vidicon
      23.  Pulse  Modulator
             a.  Hydrogen                                   30.  Voltage Regulator
             b.  Vacuum                                            a.  Glow Discharge