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MIL-Q-9858 Revision A, December 16, 1963
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This specification shall apply to all supplies (including equipments, sub-systems and systems) or services when referenced in the item specification, contract or order.

This specification requires the establishment of a quality program by the contractor to assure compliance with the requirements of the contract. The program and procedures used to implement this specification shall be developed by the contractor. The quality, program, including procedures, processes and product shall he documented and shall be subject to review by the Government Representative. The quality program is subject to the disapproval of the Government Representative whenever the contractor's procedures do not accomplish their objectives. The Government, at its option, may furnish written notice of the acceptability of the contractor's quality program.

An effective and economical quality program, planned and developed in consonance with the contractor's other administrative and technical programs, is required by this specification. Design of the program shall be based upon consideration of the technical and manufacturing aspects of production and related engineering design and materials. The program shall assure adequate quality throughout all areas of contract performance; for example, design, development, fabrication, processing, assembly, inspection, test, maintenance, packaging, shipping, storage and site installation.

All supplies and services under the contract, whether manufactured or performed within the contractor's plant or at any other source, shall be controlled at all points necessary to assure conformance to contractual requirements. The program shall provide for the prevention and ready detection of discrepancies and for timely and positive corrective action. The contractor shall make objective evidence of quality conformance readily available to the Government Representative. Instructions and records for quality must be controlled.

The authority and responsibility of those in charge of the design, production, testing. and inspection of quality shall be clearly stated. The program shall facilitate determinations of the effects of quality deficiencies and quality costs on price. Facilities and standards such as drawings, engineering changes, measuring equipment and the like which are necessary for the creation of the required quality shall be effectively managed. The program shall include an effective control of purchased materials and subcontracted work. Manufacturing, fabrication and assembly work conducted within the contractor's plant shall be controlled completely. The quality program shall also include effective execution of responsibilities shared jointly with the Government or related to Government functions, such as control of Government property and Government source inspection.

This specification and any procedure or document executed in implementation there- of, shall be in addition to and not in derogation of other contract requirements. The quality program requirements set forth in this specification shall be satisfied in addition to all detail requirements contained in the statement of work or in other parts of the contract. The contractor is responsible for compliance with all provisions of the contract and for furnishing specified supplies and services which meet all the requirements of the contract. If any inconsistency exists between the contract schedule or its general provisions and this specification, the contract schedule and the general provisions shall control. The contractor's quality program shall be planned and used in a manner to support reliability effectively.

This specification contains requirements in excess of those in specification MIL-I-45208, Inspection System Requirements, inasmuch as total conformance to contract requirements is obtained best by controlling work operations, manufacturing processes as well as inspections and tests.