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MIL-STD-399 Revision A, May 14, 1979
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Includes all amendments and changes through Cancellation Notice 2, May 18, 1996
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This standard establishes formats for microforms produced by or for the Department of Defense.

The purpose of this standard is to (1) assure uniformity of dimensions, image placement and orientation for microforms produced by or for the Department of Defense, which will enhance the exchange and utilization of data and information between and among Department of Defense components; (2) provide for compatibility of processing and user equipment, (filming equipment, viewers, etc.) and (3) preclude the unnecessary proliferation of types and varieties of processing and viewing equipment by controlling and minimizing microform formats.

This standard applies to microforms produced by or for any DoD activity.

The microform formats specified in 5.4 through 5.11 (Formats 1 through 8) are the only formats of these microforms approved for production by or for the Department of Defense and are mandatory for all new microform applications.

Existing microform systems are not required to convert. Nevertheless, systems not in accordance with this standard shall be evaluated periodically and the merits of converting to the standard weighed.

The choice of microform format or formats from among those authorized herein for use in a particular user application is not prescribed by this standard. These choices will be based on user needs and developed from other criteria including handbooks, manuals and specific studies of the subject by the user. However, where microfiche is chosen as the most suitable microform, format "5" is recommended for non-COM applications and format "6" is recommended for COM applications.

Following are the authorized microform formats (See Paragraphs 5.4 thru 5.11):
    Format 1 - 16mm Roll Microfilm - Paragraph 5.4
    Format 2 - 35mm Roll Microfilm - Paragraph 5.5
    Format 3 - Aperture, Camera, and Copy Cards -
               Paragraph 5.6
    Format 4 - 63 Frame 24:1 Reduction Microfiche
               - Paragraph 5.7
    Format 5 - 98 Frame 24:1 Reduction Microfiche
               - Paragraph 5.8
    Format 6 - 270 Frame 48:1 Reduction Microfiche
               - Paragraph 5.9
    Format 7 - 420 Frame 48:1 Reduction Microfiche
               - Paragraph 5.10
    Format 8 - 105mm Filmed Reproduction - Paragraph 5.11