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SAE J1147 1983 Edition, June 1, 1983
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Welding, Brazing, and Soldering - Materials and Practices, Information Report
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AIA/NAS Aerospace Standards

1. Scope--The Joint AWS/SAE Committee on Automotive Welding was organized on January 16, 1974, for the primary purpose of facilitating the development and publication of various documents related to the selection, specification, testing, and use of welding materials and practices, particularly for the automotive and related industries. A secondary purpose is the dissemination of technical information.

1.1 SAE participation in this activity is intended to insure that the needs and thinking of the industries mentioned are adequately considered prior to publication of selected Standards, Recommended Practices, and Information Reports. To this end, such documents are subject to the approval of the SAE General Materials Council, as well as the Joint AWS/SAE Committee and the AWS Board of Directions.

1.2 Docuemnts which are approved by the Council are printed as separate sheets or booklets, with both AWS D number and SAE HS J number identifications. They are not published in the SAE Handbook. SAE numbered items approved to date for listing in this Information Report are:

a. SAE HS J1156 (AWS D8.6-77--Automotive Resistance Spot Welding Electrods. THis document recommends a "standard" for spot welding electrodes sutiable foruse by smaller suppliers to the automotive industry. Typical electrode cap "standards" of the major autombile manufacturers are included for information purposes.

b. SAE HS J1188 (AWS D8.7-78)--Specification for Automotive Weld Quality--Resistance Spot Welding.

c. SAE HS J1196 (AWS D8.8-79)--Specification for Automotive Frame Weld Quality--Arc Welding.

1.3 The SAE Metal Joining Subcommittee (disbanded prior to organization of the Joint AWS/SAE Committee on Automotive Welding) developed the following document. This, also, is published only as a handbook supplement.

a. SAE HS J836--Automotive Metallurgical Joining. This document is an abbreviated summary of metallurgical joining, brazing, and soldering, intended to reflect usage in the automotive industry.