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Revision 08M, January 29, 2008

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Television - 1920 x 1080 Image Sample Structure, Digital Representation and Digital Timing Reference Sequences for Multiple Picture Rates

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This standard defines a family of image sample structures for the representation of stationary or moving two-dimensional images sampled temporally at a constant frame rate and having an image format (sample structure) of 1920 x 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16:9

– R'G'B' color encoding;

– R'G'B' analog and digital representation;

– Y'P'BP'R color encoding, analog representation and analog interface; and

– Y'C'BC'R color encoding and digital representation

An auxiliary component A may optionally accompany R'G'B' and Y'C'BC'R; these interfaces are denoted R'G'B'A and Y'C'BC'R A. The "A" component if present shall have the same characteristics as the Y' or G' channel.

This standard specifies multiple frame and field rate formats (Table 1) and eight-bit, ten-bit and twelve-bit systems. It is not necessary for an implementation to support all formats to be compliant with this standard. However, an implementation must state which of the formats are supported. Interfaces for twelve-bit systems require more than a single link.

NOTE – For international program interchange, constrained parameters as defined in ITU-R BT 709 shall be used.

Annex A of this standard defines the segmented frame interface for progressive signals using the 1920x1080 sampling structure.

NOTE – Throughout this standard, references to signals represented by a single letter, e.g., R', G' and B', are equivalent to the nomenclature in earlier documents of the form E'R, E'G, and E'B, which, in turn, refer to signals to which the transfer characteristics given in Section 6 have been applied. Such signals are commonly described as being gamma corrected.