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Sunscreens: Regulations and Commercial Development

2005 Edition, March 17, 2005

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ISBN: 978-0-8247-5794-6
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  • Revision: 2005 Edition, March 17, 2005
  • Published Date: March 17, 2005
  • Status: Active, Most Current
  • Document Language: English
  • Published By: CRC Press (CRC)
  • Page Count: 977
  • ANSI Approved: No
  • DoD Adopted: No

Description / Abstract:


The sunscreen industry is achieving remarkable worldwide prominence by responding to the growing need for skin protection with fast-paced innovation. Increased consumer awareness of the harmful effects of sunlight has fueled the demand for improved photo protection. The need for broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays has inspired scientists worldwide to research new cosmetic formulations and delivery systems. More effective sunscreen actives, emollients and novel cosmetic and functional ingredients have been regularly added to the formulator's repertoire. Creativity in innovation has been hindered only by regulatory agencies and patent restrictions worldwide. Familiarity with the current restrictive regulations and patent law infringements has become integral to any research effort attempting to provide improved protection to individuals affected by the sun's damaging effects.

This book is designed to help the reader keep pace with the dramatic changes in the sunscreen industry. It provides state-of-the-art research on sunscreen development, evaluation, formulation and regulatory issues with a particular emphasis on the development of consumer sun care products. It features a variety of chapters written by prominent scientists and practitioners from appropriately varied disciplines including academia, industry, the medical community, marketing, the press, scientific organizations and regulatory agencies. These distinguished contributors have shared their latest innovations and knowledge of this ever expanding field in a way that is pertinent to professionals and laymen alike.

The book has 48 chapters that are organized into nine major sections:

I. Introductory chapters on the evolution of sunscreens, photo biological aspects, the need for photo protection, the safety of sunscreens and a historical perspective on sun protection.

II. The Regulatory Aspects of sunscreens including a chapter from the FDA, European COLIPA, Australian, USA and Japanese sunscreen regulations, a summary chapter on regulations of sunscreens worldwide and a chapter on the United States Pharmacopeia (USP).

III. The Ultraviolet Filters features a chapter on the chemistry and mechanism of action of ultraviolet filters, two chapters on the physical inorganic particulate UV filters, one on the new sunscreen actives and a chapter on the photo stability of ultraviolet filters.

IV. Cosmetic Formulations including water proofing strategies, SPF modulation, broad-spectrum formulations, fragrancing sunscreen products, the role of emulsifiers and emollients, natural sun care products and surfactant free sunscreens.

V. Consumer Products with UV filters for the beach, daily use, babies and kids, recreational and occupational hazard protection. A chapter on fabrics as UV-radiation filters and another on sunless tanning and tanning accelerators.

VI. Other Actives in the Sun Care Industry including antioxidants, green tea polyphenols, botanicals and anti-aging ingredients.

VII. Commercial Production and Quality Control procedures for the manufactured sun care products as well as the QC of ultraviolet filters and a chapter on the modern analytical techniques in the sunscreen industry.

VIII. Analytical Testing Procedures include in vivo and in vitro testing procedures of sunscreen cosmetic formulations. The US FDA protocol, the European COLIPA and the International protocols for determining sun protection factors (SPF) are fully described. Balancing UVA and UVB protection, dosimetry of UV radiation and spectral standardization of sources used for sunscreens, in vitro models of sunscreen performance and prediction of SPF are discussed.

IX. Marketing and Information with chapters on the role of industry publications and technical information as well as recent sunscreen market trends.

This is the first manuscript of its kind on sunscreens that covers technical, regulatory, testing, consumer and commercial aspects of the industry. It gathers information on the production of sunscreen consumer products, safety and the need for photo protection, worldwide regulations, modern analytical techniques for SPF and QC testing, recent trends in research on cosmetic formulations and new ultraviolet filters, actives and cosmetic vehicles. It is a comprehensive manual that incorporates novel advances and newly acquired knowledge in sunscreen research. This assembly of contributing researchers and prominent leaders in the field of sun care protection has produced the most up-to-date and reliable reference guide in sun care available today.