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TIA TSB-10 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: F    Chg:    Date: 06/00/94   Abbreviations Definitions
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Published By:Telecommunications Industry Assn. (TIA)
Page Count:199
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This Bulletin provides methodology and criterifao r properly coordinating microwave radio systems in the merged (under FCC ET Docket 92-9) Domestic Public Fixed Radio Services and Private Operational- Fixed Microwave Service (POFMS) bands. These interference criteria are based on levels of interference established in Parts 21 and 94 of the FCC Rules and Regulations.

The first major section of this Bulletin is Section 2, Technical Considerations for Interference Analysis. Section 2, characterizes the various interfering signals (FM-FDM, FM-Video, Vestigial Sideband Video, and Digital) and explainst he considerations in calculatingt his interference into victimr eceivers (FM-FDM, FM-Video, Vestigial Sideband Video, and Digital). This edition of the Bulletin includes calculation methods for vestigial sideband AM Video but does not includtaeb les or calculation methods for othert ypes of vestigial or single-sideband AM interference. Section 3, Applications (Interference Calculations and Measurements), explains the methodology for making coordination calculations and shows sample calculations. The actual criteria for proper coordinationa re contained in Section 4, Technical Considerations for Path Design. Annexes A-D contain additional informatiofno r those seeking more detailed background for the formulas and other informationin the main, part of this Bulletin. Annex F specifically addresses PCS-POFMS spectrum sharing considerations. Annex G discusses frequency coordination and notification procedures.
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