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TIA-1102 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: A    Chg:    Date: 04/00/09   Abbreviations Definitions
Active, Most Current
Published By:Telecommunications Industry Assn. (TIA)
Page Count:136
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Scope of This Document 

This standard details definitions, method of measurements and minimum performance characteristics for Forward Link Only devices. This standard shares the purpose of [1] by ensuring that a Forward Link Only device can obtain service in any system that meets the compatibility requirements of [1].

Revision A of this specification includes performance requirements for Forward Link Only 8devices supporting 6 and 8-MHz wide channels across the entire UHF band.

Revision A includes the:

• Addition of three distinct sub-bands to cover the entire UHF band. Sub-bands 0, 1 and 2 cover the lower, middle and upper part of the UHF band. The sub-bands allow for focused testing of the particular band segment of interest for a given device.

• Addition of recommended sub-band number for each test.

• Specification of the recommended channel number used for executing tests in different sub-bands.

• Addition of test procedures and performance requirements for 8 MHz wide channel in sub-bands 0, 1 and 2.

• Addition of test procedures and performance requirements for 6 MHz wide channel in sub-band 0 and 2.

• Elimination of redundant test points to speed up the tests without compromising the test functionality.

• Addition of a new channel profile 8 to characterize device performance in a long delay channel.

• Addition of a new MAC layer test to characterize demodulation performance for transmit mode 2 with (16, 14, 2) outer Reed Solomon (RS) code.

• Revision of all channel profiles to support both 6 and 8 MHz channel bandwidths.

• Addition of a new co-channel single tone interference test for 6 and 8 MHz channel bandwidths to emulate the effects of a narrowband interferer.

Compatibility, as used in the connection with this standard and [1], is understood to mean that any Forward Link Only device can receive multicast service in a Forward Link Only network.

Test methods are recommended in this document; however, methods other than those recommended may suffice for the same purpose.

All the performance metrics in this standard are meant for non-receive diversity Forward Link Only devices i.e. for devices with one receive antenna. For testing of Forward Link Only devices with receive diversity i.e. with more than one receive antenna, the 1 Forward 2 Link Only device shall be configured so that just one receive chain is used for 3 demodulation.
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