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BICSI OSPDRM (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 5TH Chg: Date: July 2011
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Telecommunications deregulation gives independent contractors access to OSP contracts and creates opportunities for qualified OSP designers in today's open and competitive market.

An OSP designer is responsible for designing the interbuilding cabling and EF infrastructure and the termination of the OSP cabling. An OSP designer should have knowledge of the following OSP aspects:

• Pathways and spaces

• Cabling (cable and connecting hardware)

• Bonding and grounding (earthing)

• Right-of-way

• System documentation

• Codes and standards

Advances in technology and high levels of technical expertise in all aspects of the information technology systems (ITS) industry have increased the importance of training. Based on current standards for OSP network design, the methodology presented in this manual provides a useful reference for those seeking design assistance or training.

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