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AWS B1.11 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 00    Chg:    Date: 00/00/00   Abbreviations Definitions
Superseded By: AWS B1.11M/B1.11 Item is contained in these sets
Additional Comments:X-REF AWS B1.11M/B1.11
Published By:American Welding Society, Inc. (AWS)
Page Count:42
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This guide includes an outline of the fundamental prerequisites for personnel performing visual examination of welds. Such prerequisites include physical limitations or capabilities, as well as technical knowledge, training, experience, judgment, and certification.

This guide essentially provides an introduction to visual examination of welding. These examinations fall into three categories based on the time they are performed, as follows: (1) prior to welding, (2) during welding, and (3) after welding. An extensive treatment is provided on weld surface conditions, including reference to frequently used terminologies associated with preferred and nonpreferred conditions. Visual examination may be performed by different people or organizations. Personnel performing welding examination include welders, welding supervisors, the contractor’s welding inspector, the purchaser’s examiner, or the regulatory inspector. For the purpose of simplicity, these individuals referred to as visual inspectors in the remainder of this standard in that they perform visual inspection. Fabrication documents, contract specifications, and regulatory agencies may specify who performs final inspections.

Also provided is a review of visual examination equipment aids routinely used, such as gauges and lighting equipment. Formal documentation of visual examination results is contained in Section 6, Records. Finally, the guide suggests additional reading or references, that may provide more detailed requirements for specific visual examination applications.
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