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ICAO ANNEX 14 VOL I (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 6    Chg: W/ A11B    Date: 11/13/14   Abbreviations Definitions
Active, Most Current
Additional Comments:ENGLISH * INCORPORATES A1-11B & CRGD 1
Published By:International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
Page Count:336
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Introductory Note.— This Annex contains Standards and Recommended Practices (specifications) that prescribe the physical characteristics and obstacle limitation surfaces to be provided for at aerodromes, and certain facilities and technical services normally provided at an aerodrome. It also contains specifications dealing with obstacles outside those limitation surfaces. It is not intended that these specifications limit or regulate the operation of an aircraft.

To a great extent, the specifications for individual facilities detailed in Annex 14, Volume I, have been interrelated by a reference code system, described in this chapter, and by the designation of the type of runway for which they are to be provided, as specified in the definitions. This not only simplifies the reading of Volume I of this Annex, but in most cases, provides for efficiently proportioned aerodromes when the specifications are followed.

This document sets forth the minimum aerodrome specifications for aircraft which have the characteristics of those which are currently operating or for similar aircraft that are planned for introduction. Accordingly, any additional safeguards that might be considered appropriate to provide for more demanding aircraft are not taken into account. Such matters are left to appropriate authorities to evaluate and take into account as necessary for each particular aerodrome. Guidance on some possible effects of future aircraft on these specifications is given in the Aerodrome Design Manual (Doc 9157), Part 2.

It is to be noted that the specifications for precision approach runway categories II and III are only applicable to runways intended to be used by aeroplanes in code numbers 3 and 4.

Annex 14, Volume I, does not include specifications relating to the overall planning of aerodromes (such as separation between adjacent aerodromes or capacity of individual aerodromes), impact on the environment, or to economic and other non-technical factors that need to be considered in the development of an aerodrome. Information on these subjects is included in the Airport Planning Manual (Doc 9184), Part 1. Guidance material on the environmental aspects of the development and operation of an aerodrome is included in the Airport Planning Manual (Doc 9184), Part 2.

Aviation security is an integral part of aerodrome planning and operations. Annex 14, Volume I, contains several specifications aimed at enhancing the level of security at aerodromes. Specifications on other facilities related to security are given in Annex 17 — Security and detailed guidance on the subject is contained in the ICAO's Aviation Security Manual.
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