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MIL-STD-104 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: C Chg: Date: October 31, 1986
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Additional Comments: SEE ALSO APN A**SUPP 1 CONTAINED IN EIA-359 SET
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This standard establishes definite limits for electrical insulation colors as used on wire and cable insulations. The limits of a specified color define the extremes established for that color. The nominal defines the hue, lightness and saturation (chroma) considered most desirable for the specified color.

Colors shall be in two classes as specified. When the class is not specified, either class may be used.

Class 1: Colors in this class are for the most part, highly saturated, bright high-gloss colors for plastic and other insulating materials where the characteristics of the material permit the use of these colors.

Class 2: Colors in this class are characteristically less saturated, low-gloss colors, for fabric, rubber and other insulations for which Class 1 colors are not practicable.

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