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DOD-STD-2003 (Amendment Only)
Revision / Edition: 87 Chg: N1 Date: December 17, 1990
Superseded By: MIL-STD-2003
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The purpose of this standard is to disseminate up-to-date information as to the requirements for standard installation methods to be employed for submarine and surface ship electrical distribution systems. The criteria contained herein are based on both new requirements and past practices. This standard will consist of six parts, with the first part covering the general information followed by five sections which will identify shipboard installation requirements for electrical cable, equipment, penetrations, cableways and connectors. The six individual sections that make up this standard may be referenced or revised separately and are as follows:
     Section 1 (Cable)         - Preparation and end-scaling, entry to equip-
                                  ment and connector, repair and splicing.
     Section 2 (Electrical)    - Equipment mounting, switchboard mounting,
                                  battery equipment, casualty power and shore
     Section 3 (Penetrations)  - Swage tubes, stuffing tubes, kickpipes, sur-
                                  face ships and submarines, hull penetration
                                  and general.
     Section 4.(Cableways)     - General, submarine, surface ship and cable
     Section 5 (Connectors)    - Cable and conductor preparation in accordance
                                  with MIL-C-81511, MIL-C-5015, MIL-C-26482,
                                  MIL-C-28840, MIL-C-27599, MIL-C-22992 and
                                  MIL-C-38999 connectors.

Electrical plant installation methods sections 1 through 5 shall be used by all installing activities. These sections do not identify ship or type, but do establish minimum standards of acceptance for NAVSEA ships. It is the responsibility of the user activity to determine which section satisfies their requirements. It does not authorize relaxation of any requirement specifically invoked by new construction, conversion, overhaul, or refurbishment contracts. In instances where deviated design requirements (for example, ship type, ship class, and so forth) conflict, the requirements of this standard shall take precedence. Any deviation from electric plant installation identified in this standard shall be submitted to NAVSEA 55Z3 for resolution.

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