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CSA G12 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 3 Chg: W/ REAF Date: 2003
Published By:CSA Group (CSA)
Page Count:26
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This Standard describes zinc-coated steel wire strand suitable for use as guys, suspension strand, span wires, and overhead ground wire strand. Overhead ground wire strand for electric power transmission is produced free of wire joints. Included are requirements for Grades 11 O, 160, 180, and 220 [800, 11 00, 1300, and 15001. Zinc-coatings for all grades include hot-dip Class A and electro-galvanized Class A, B, or C. Construction features include strands containing 7, 19, or more than 19 wires.

This Standard is not intended for use in the manufacture and purchase of galvanized bridge or ACSR strands, smooth coil track strand, or galvanized sash cord.

The values stated in either inch/pound units or SI units are to be regarded as Standard. Within the text, the SI units are shown in square brackets and in separate tables. The values stated in each system are not exact equivalents. Each system must be used independently of the other.

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