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SAE J514 (Complete Document)
Revision / Edition: 04 Chg: Date: September 2004
Page Count:56
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This SAE Standard covers complete general and dimensional specifications for 37 degree flared and flareless types of hydraulic tube fittings and O-ring plugs. Also included are pipe fittings and adapter unions for use in conjunction with these tube fittings. These fittings are intended for general application in hydraulic systems on industrial equipment and commercial products.

These fittings are capable of providing leakproof, full flow connections in hydraulic systems operating at working pressures as specified in Table 1 for respective sections.

Since many factors influence the pressure at which a hydraulic system will or will not perform satisfactorily, the values shown in SAE J1065 should not be construed as a guaranteed minimum.

For any application, it is recommended that sufficient testing be conducted and reviewed by both the user and fitting manufacturer to assure that performance levels will be safe and satisfactory.

The standard is divided into six sections as follows:

Section 1 - 37 Degree Flare Tube Fittings

Section 2 - Flareless Tube Fittings

Section 3 - O-ring Plugs (for O-ring Ports see SAE J1926)

Section 4 - Hydraulic Pipe Fittings (formerly SAE J926)

Section 5 - Adapter Unions (formerly in SAE J516)

Section 6 - Tables for Calculating Dimensions on Special Sizes

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