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NECA NEIS 90 2009 Edition, January 1, 2009
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Standard for Commissioning Building Electrical Systems
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Applications Included

This standard describes installation procedures for commissioning common newly installed or retrofitted building electrical systems and equipment. It defines the process of commissioning building electrical systems and provides sample guidelines for attaining optimum system performances that conform to design, specification, and industry accepted codes and standards. This standard is not intended to cover commissioning processes for every type of electrical system and references other specific NEIS documents where such information is provided.

Applications Excluded

This standard does not cover procedures for commissioning systems such as fire alarm systems, telecommunications networks, closed circuit television systems, access control systems, and other limited energy systems. This standard provides some references to other NEIS documents that include commissioning and testing requirements for these systems. Installers should follow all applicable manufacturer requirements related to acceptance and performance testing of such systems.

Regulatory and Other Requirements

All information in this publication is intended to conform to the National Electrical Code (NEC) (ANSI/NFPA 70).

Only qualified persons familiar with the commissioning of building electrical systems and equipment should perform the work described in this publication. The definition of the term"qualified person" is provided in Article 100 of the NEC.

Other National Electrical Installation Standards provide additional guidance for installing particular types of electrical products and systems. A complete list of NEIS is provided in Annex B.